Tiny House People January Recap

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Our first Ask Me Anything with Vision Solar pertaining mostly to grid tied solar power

Monthly Poll, How did you finance your tiny house?

A great thread on the not always so positive side to adjusting to tiny home living.

Insured with State Farm (with loopholes)

Some favorite tiny house products listed by one of our members.

Frost on your tension ties?

Mold was another hot topic this month.

How you deal with unsupportive friends and family.

Attaching to the trailer.

DIY Builder Callouts!

We have so many great builders in group, sometimes we all need a little extra words of encouragement. Nice comments make all the difference in the world when pushing through those rough patches of the build!  If you have a moment check out these builders and leave a comment on their blogs or send some thoughts of encouragement!

  • Pamela has been a very active member of our tiny community and this month she officially kicked off her build!  You can find her and her pretty new triple axle foundation in our group and also on her builds facebook page HERE.  Leave her some comments and words of encouragement along the way!
  • Alicia and William Gates (<— Click that for some cool stairs!) are sprinting toward the finish line of their home.  Having done the work before I am amazed at how fast they are cooking! They have both asked great questions along their whole build, use the search bar for their name to follow some great dialogues!
  • Sean David BurkeBaylie Carlson [both long time members and big contributors in group] and the Tacks (Christopher and Malissa), have gotten together and started a tiny house community in Washington! (yet to be named) Sean has an under construction shipping container house, Baylie has a family of four in their second tiny house, and Christopher and Malissa have theirs FOR RENT on AirBNB… in case you’re looking to try on the lifestyle you could have a vacation, stay in one of the original ‘famous tiny houses’ AND probably have a cup of coffee with other tiny house savvy folks! It’s a pretty unique situation that I am excited to watch unfold!
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Macy Miller is a Rocky Mountain native and the creator of MiniMotives.com. As a LEED accredited architectural designer she is a passionate promoter of good design, healthy living, and the tiny lifestyle. In 2011 she started construction on her 196 s.f. tiny house where she has been living with her partner, James, daughter, Hazel, and dog, Denver since June 2013. She and her home have been featured on Yahoo News, Time Magazine, Dwell Magazine, NPR, HGTV’s Extreme Homes and many others!

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