Tiny House Options Worksheet

Tiny Houses seem simple, right?  Until you really get into it, then it can be DAUNTING!  The good news is that even the most complicated tiny house is pretty darn basic in form and function, you don’t have to be a total expert plumber, electrician or framer, just take it one little piece at a time.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed break it down further and remember, the more research you can do up front the less re-dos you do later.  But at a point, jump!

I have put together a worksheet that goes through the basic decisions you’ll have to make along the way.  The idea being that you can keep track of the options you want and figure out the areas that you need to do a little more research in.  There are a LOT of right ways to build a tiny house.  If you want to download this file and print it out for your use click HERE.

All of these decisions are talked about in the PlanningTiny eCourses along with the pros and cons of each and special considerations!

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About Macy Miller

Macy Miller is a Rocky Mountain native and the creator of MiniMotives.com. As a LEED accredited architectural designer she is a passionate promoter of good design, healthy living, and the tiny lifestyle. In 2011 she started construction on her 196 s.f. tiny house where she has been living with her partner, James, daughter, Hazel, and dog, Denver since June 2013. She and her home have been featured on Yahoo News, Time Magazine, Dwell Magazine, NPR, HGTV’s Extreme Homes and many others!

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