After being involved in the tiny house movement for the last several years we have been made aware of many of the major tripping points of designing and building your own custom tiny home.

The Planning Tiny Design Process:

We have tried to simplify the design process by asking a series of questions and providing the pros and cons of each choice so that you can flesh out your own ‘best’ design.  You can learn more about these sorts of things:

  • Pros and cons of particular roof styles
  • Various styles and numbers of loft style
  • Pros and cons of general layouts
  • Ways to layout and customize a tiny house bathroom
  • Ways to layout and customize a tiny house kitchen
  • Ways to layout and customize a tiny house living area
  • Tiny house bedroom options
  • Selecting window and door locations and the decisions that go into that
  • Finish material choices
  • Appliance layouts desires

Who We Are:

Macy Miller – I run the website www.MiniMotives.com and started the construction of my tiny house in November 2011 and, just by an off chance, decided to blog about it.  I went to school for architecture and my whole reason for that was to change the course of the environment.  Our buildings produce 70% of all pollutants in the air, with small changes that can be impacted dramatically.  I find there is a lot more potential to impact that change on a residential level and have gravitated toward a smaller footprint.  For me, tiny was impacted by environmental concerns, financial limitations, the flexibility to live the life I want (which doesn’t include a mortgage) and was a learning project.  It IS possible to live tiny very comfortably and I hope to be able to help others make the choices needed toward that happier lifestyle.  Aside from my passion for tiny houses I also enjoy staying home to raise our daughter, Hazel, taking our Great Dane, Denver, to the dog park to see his friends and all things artistic!!  You may also catch me trying to learn the ways of the podcast over at tinyhousechat.com!

James Herndon – I am a Licensed Architect with a passion for technology and it’s impact on the way we live in and design our world. I got my start flipping houses while working on my Masters degree in Architecture but have always had a passion for 3D modeling and more recently 3D printing, and augmented reality.  My background is primarily in designing residential and commercial buildings but in recent years I’ve had some successes in product design and app development as well. I love to design and build across multiple mediums.

Our little family!

Our little family!

Macy and James met right around when she was roofing her tiny house and they spent a lot of their first dates building together.


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