Galvanized…I Beams…Loop Holes…Gussets…R-13…



Bottom Plate – the bottom horizontal member of a wall or building to which vertical members are attached.

Top Plate (double or single) – The member or members on top of a stud wall which support the roof rafters.

Base Studs – Studs placed on a regular interval making up the main structure of the wall.

Cripple – A less than full height wall stud.

Header – Horizontal members at the top of a wall opening that transfer and distribute the weight above the opening down around the opening.

King Stud – stud to left or right of a window or door that is continuous from the bottom plate to the top plate.

Trimmer – Installed parallel to king studs to support opening headers.

Sill – A horizontal member forming a foundation.

Rafters – One of several framing members extending frome eave to peek making up the roof

Rough Opening – An opening in a wall or framework into which a door frame or window frame, is fitted.





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