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Cooling A Tiny House

When it comes to tiny homes you’ve got a lot of ways to cool things down!  It is surprising but it is harder to keep your small home cool than it is to keep it warm, generally.  There are however a lot of ways to go about this!  Here is an overview of all the methods out there though:

  • Swamp Cooler
  • AC
    • Ductless/Mini-split
    • Portable
    • Window/through wall
  • Passive cooling
  • Home made AC

There are pros and cons to each and what is right for you may be influenced by other choices along your path.  Stay tuned for more on each type shortly.

This is a collaborative site, if you have something to add/correct leave a comment!  If you have some words of wisdom on any of the methods mentioned feel free to share in the comments!