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FREE Tiny House Workshops!

I will be giving free workshops in Boise on tiny houses, if you are in the area please RSVP at the links below and come on by!

We have a lot of interest here in the valley and I want to provide whatever information and help I can to others to get them on their way!  For those who don’t know me, or why I’d want to share this info, I am Macy Miller.  I designed and built this tiny house 4+ years ago.  I have been living here with my family in Boise every since.  I have found a passion for helping others navigate this path and ‘right-size’ their lives.  My background is in design and architecture, I think because of that my house has been featured in TIME Magazine and Dwell, as well as a plethora of websites.  In reality this is a lifestyle option available to all though, not just those with a background in design.  I have enjoyed being a speaker at the last two Tiny House Conferences and want to bring a little of that info straight to Boise.  I try to stay active and engaged with the tiny house community in most ways that I can!  I’ve learned a lot and it’s constantly changing/growing.  I’d like to share what I have learned and how it can help you create your own lifestyle, as wanted.

In reality the main goal is getting info to all of those interested in this path, it will be nice to just meet, do a complete brain dump and give an opportunity for others to make those connections locally to help this movement take hold in Idaho.

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I have set up four different sessions, intended to cover four major areas in decent depth (it will be a lot of info for those brand new to tiny houses and hopefully those of you researching for years can learn something too?!).  For those not able to make it for whatever reason I am going to do my very best to record the sessions and put them on YouTube after the fact with downloads to all the worksheets so you won’t miss anything!  No promises but I will do my best!
So here are the four sessions and an overview of each, they will all be from 6pm-8pm and include time for Q & A – please RSVP for each one you are interested in:

Wed. July 22 – Part I – Tiny House Codes and Foundation Selection

This is going to be a conversation around the local and national code issues surrounding Tiny Houses.  I will talk about the options you have both locally and nationally focusing on the permitting process and alternative paths to legalized tiny house living.

As a part of this conversation I will explain the difference between a foundation tiny house and a tiny house on wheels (legally) and the process that each must go through.  The MAIN focus of this series will be tiny houses on wheels so I will get into the considerations that will go into picking your foundation (trailers).

Wed. July 29 – Part II – Tiny House Construction

This is going to be a conversation about the various types of construction you may use when building your tiny house.  I will talk about standard framing practices, advanced framing techniques, steel stud construction and SIPs.  the great thing about tiny homes is that even the most complex house is pretty basic.  Even though this will be a bit more ‘technical’ information I hope it stays simple enough for those not in the construction industry.

In addition to framing options I will get into insulation types, pros/cons and tiny house specific considerations and suggestions.  This will MOSTLY focus on tiny houses on wheels.  I also hope to give you a basic understanding of tools needed for the task!

This is the same presentation I gave at the Tiny House Conference last month plus some additional information.

Wed. Aug. 05 – Part III – Tiny House Systems

This is going to be a conversation about the utilities and hookups available for tiny houses including pros and cons of each.  I will talk about on-grid, off-grid and self contained options when it comes to water, sewer and electric as well as a basic intro to wiring and plumbing.  This will be the one where we talk at length about toilets and all the options there ;-).  I will also cover heating and cooling options and regional/mobile considerations.

Wed. Aug. 12 – Part IV – Designing Your Own Tiny House

This is going to be a conversation about how to design your own tiny house.  Fact is tiny houses HAVE to be suited for their occupants, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ but there are things to consider and think about in your daily life.  I will share some of the important questions to ask yourself, some things to consider and give you some general rules and background of design to help make the appropriate decisions.  Design is daunting but it’s also systematic and with tiny houses, form really does follow function, there are reasons that one strategy makes sense over others.  

In addition to talking about the design of the actual house I will touch on designing your lifestyle and building your own community, in the way that you desire.  This one will be my favorite conversation but you have to get all that other stuff out of the way and get questions answered before you can have fun in the actual design!  

If you are not able to make the events but want to be notified when the videos are up on YouTube please sign up for the newsletter HERE and you’ll be notified when they are live!  They will be posted on this site when ready!  

I want this to be beneficial to those who need it so if you have specific questions please comment with them below and I will be sure to include relevant information!  Thanks!